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Yo this is me

I am 22-year-old guy from Finland and I can do many things with computers.
I've also been part of many different startup companies here in Finland as an entrepreneur,investor or advisor.
Below you can find some of my skills:

  • Experienced user of Windows and Linux operating systems

  • Proficient with Linux and Windows server environments

  • Good command of building responsive websites

  • Good team management skills

  • Ubuntu & Debian

  • RHEL & CentOS

  • Rsync, Rsnapshot, Duplicity

  • Xen, KVM, Iptables

  • MySQL, MongoDB, MariaDB

  • Apache, Nginx, Php-fpm

  • PHP, Node.js, Python

  • Javascript & JQuery

  • HTML5 & CSS

  • C++ & C

  • Vb.net & C#


I usually spend my free time with my family and go for a picnic.
Just kidding, I spend most of my time with different kind of sports.
For example, I try to include 3 times gym, 2 times swimming, and one jog into my week.

I also do daytrading (mostly with DAX and SPX derivatives) and I code alot. Atm I'm learning the secrets of Node.js, and it seems very interesting.

The rest of my hobbies include driving around with my BMW, server administration, listening to music, planning of new business ideas and mostly improving myself.

Below you can find my EX BMW 525i e34 1995 192hp

It's got 16:9's and a big phat subwoofer

Dubstep Santa

And this one is my current one, BMW 535iA e34 1989 211hp



Below you can find form which you can use to contact me.
I will probably answer to you. But if I don't, just wait longer.

Contact Information

Niko Nieminen
Tel: +358 50 913 6333
Web Contact
Follow me on Twitter: n1em1nen
IRC: Niko- @ Quakenet, Freenode, Ircnet, Joulunet
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